It is aptly conceded by most political observers and shrewd analysts that our political ambience is absolutely unpredictable. We live in utter obfuscation as no one seems so much clear about the future ramifications of our acts and deeds in all spheres of life.

Quite ironically we have been witnessing a political cum judicial tug of war since April this year but no one seems victorious or vanquished in the entire episode so far. The saga began after the ouster of the former prime minister Imraan Khan in April and since then a political circus is being witnessed by the citizens with jaws opening which way is forward for our country and the nation.

After achieving a landslide victory in the by-polls on 15 seats in Punjab on July 17 by the PTI it would have been a sane approach to let it establish its political government in Punjab owing to its majority in the provincial assembly but the July 22 episode of electing a new CM Punjab has put the province and the federation on different courses as the deputy speaker rejected 10 votes from the PMLQ and declared Hamza Shehbaz as new CM Punjab. But instead of bringing about political stability in the Punjab which has been missing since April, the controversial decision has exacerbated our political crisis manifold and the crisis is brewing more and more instead of dying down.

It is very disheartening to note that our callow political leadership seems unable to sort out its conflicting issues with mutual parlance and deliberations in the parliament so the political turmoil has once again landed in the courtroom and precious time of the apex court is once again being wasted away on intricate political and constitutional exegesis whereas this precious time should have been invested in the dispensation of justice to the common litigants.

On the other hand, keeping this unusual political practice in mind I would like to express my inner reservations and I would welcome the sane segment of the society to guide me and rectify me if I am incorrect in my perception that why our constitution seems so confusing and obfuscating that even the lawmakers who are enshrined to frame new laws seemingly are unable to interpret various sections and clauses of the constitution.

Treading on the same path the originators of the constitution also seem befuddled to interpret it in its real terms whereas we come across different lacunas and loopholes on daily basis. It is also being witnessed that the entire system is under the spell of bewilderment as nothing seems smooth and sleek when it comes to the functioning of our system. It can rightly be said and comprehended under the perplexing political circumstances that we have been navigating on a rudderless course with a mounting amount of confusion and obfuscation.