Better management or better government?

Last month, Pakistan reached its 75th birthday from an optimistic view, and from a pessimistic view, Pakistan is just 25 years away from hitting the century mark. The numbers look great, but we haven’t done great. In the last 75 years, the government didn’t plan enough to combat and curb disasters, such as floods. Despite the flood warnings, the reports, and meteorologists’ rain forecasts, yet the government was unprepared.

This has become the norm for politicians. They use religion to manipulate the people’s minds to hide their incompetency and corruption. Our greatest problem is not poverty, but ignorance, indifference, and injustice. The nation should be aware of these century-old manipulation techniques and tricks in the name of religion and democracy. Religion isn’t responsible for calamities; mismanagement of governments is, and democracy isn’t the government of the ill-educated, who fill their coffers with the nation’s money.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt