NEW DELHI     -   At least nine Muslim men were publicly flogged by BJP authorities in the Indian state of Gujarat allegedly for throwing stones at a Garba event. Gujarat is where 2,000 Muslims were murdered by BJP/RSS supporters in 2002. Muslims in multiple areas of India are facing arrests, demolitions, and even floggings for allegedly disrupting Navratri celebrations, according to Indian media reports. The houses of three Muslims accused of disrupting Navratri celebrations in Madhya Pradesh’s Surjani village were demolished. “The Mandsaur district administration and police demolished the houses of three persons accused of throwing stones on a garba pandal (Hindu traditional dancing event) and attacking organisers with a sharp-edged weapon over the weekend,” the report quoted Madhya Pradesh police as saying. Hindustan Times reported Tuesday that at least 14 Muslim men had been arrested in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city over the past week after “vigilantes” from Bajrang Dal — a Hindu nationalist organisation — handed them over to police for allegedly entering garba venues.