Peshawar    -    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Food, Science & Information Technology (S&IT) Atif Khan on Wednesday formally inaugurated the digitization of the Food Department aimed at bringing transparency and streamlining affairs of the food sector during a ceremony held at Peshawar. The ceremony was attended by members provincial assembly (MPAs) and other concerned officials in large numbers. The provincial minister clicked the button to launch the new revamped system at the Food Directorate, saying that it is a landmark development in the province in terms of food sector management. Addressing the ceremony, Atif Khan said that the information and communication technology (ICT) based intervention/digitization system of the food department is a comprehensive tool, which covers almost all areas, from godowns management, and fleet management, to the e-inspection regime. With this system put in place, he said the government will now be able to know the record of the wheat stock with just a click of a button. “The beauty of this system is the instant access to data, and decision- makers will be able to know the real-time status of wheat stock in the province, details of the wheat needs, stock in the godowns, and that with millers and suppliers,” Atif Khan added. Food Minister reiterated that the provincial government is trying to remove loopholes from the system with the introduction of ICT-based intervention. With the implementation of digitization, he explained that the traditional bookkeeping system of godowns will be replaced with an online database. The record of each godown will be managed in a central management information system (MIS), and those having access to it will be able to check the real-time status of wheat stock in the godowns. Secretary, Provincial Food Department Mushtaq Ahmad addressing the ceremony said that the digitization will also cover the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) of the Food Department, for which a proper system has been devised. He added that the SCMS will help the department to know the exact quantity of the imported wheat stock, locally acquired stock, and cost of the import and even if it could be compared with previous years, and predict the future needs of the province. The system will have the details of the suppliers importing to other procurement bodies, said Mushtaq. Another feature of digitization told the secretary; is the Fleet Management System (FMS) which will keep all the details of the transport contractors, and vehicles. Mushtaq extended that the system is designed to track the movement of vehicles from one place to another, so a staff member having access to the system will be able to track a vehicle headed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from Karachi or any other part of the country. While giving details about the revamped system, the statistical branch management component will develop reporting dashboards after regular intervals for the relevant quarters, which will help in better decision-making and proper advisory to the government