My father told me that some decades back, farmers bought garbage collected from cities. Trucks carrying waste were bought and it was thrown on land. One man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure. It was like a natural fertilizer for crops. This way the waste became useful. But this practice ended because waste is full of plastic now. Plastic, a toxic material that neither decays nor decomposes, has entered our lives without our knowledge. 

Not only does it cause pollution, but is also the leading cause of urban flooding. Sewers get blocked by plastic and rainwater starts to accumulate on roads making them look like canals. Our country is facing a natural calamity, with some residential areas filled with rainwater mixed with sewerage and plastic floating over it. People are forced to live there and are in danger of exposure to several contagious and chronic diseases. I think in the near future every house will need a boat for travelling. It cannot be buried and burning it releases several toxic gases contributing to air pollution. 

Here in Pakistan, there is a trend of using double plastic bags for packing stuff and no mechanism for destroying it. Only the 3R strategy i.e; reduce, reuse, recycle, is a way out. We should prefer reusable cloth bags over plastic bags. People must take this problem seriously and take preventive measures against it or else these giant mountains of plastic around us would swallow us and there will be nothing but plastic everywhere.