ISLAMABAD    -   Minister for Defence Khawaja Mu­hammad Asif Tuesday accused Paki­stan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan for attacking country’s economy and defence institutions under the inimical designs of the en­emies of Pakistan.

Addressing the media briefing held here, the minister said after in­dependence our perpetual enemy India had two main targets of econ­omy and defence namely the armed forces to weaken Pakistan.

Minister said, “Yesterday in Faisal­abad Imran Khan made comments on COAS (Chief of Army Staff) ap­pointment. If people like Khan will be made the focus of processions then they will harm the defence re­lated interests of Pakistan. In the past few months Imran Khan clear­ly targeted these two areas.”

Asif added that the PTI chairman during his tenure in October past year started making the matter of appointments in the Armed Forc­es as a topic of public discussion. “We passed the no confidence mo­tion after his allies decided to leave him [Imran Khan]. But after that he started targeting forces and called them names like neutrals and ani­mals,” he said.