Back in 2021, the Global Hunger Index ranked Pakistan 92 out of 116 and declared the country to be food insecure. Almost as much as 60 percent of the total population suffers from hunger, malnourishment and related diseases but perhaps what is more unfortunate is that this figure is bound to shoot up in the aftermath of the ongoing flood crisis. Our approach to human development goals has been too laid back and will continue to be so until policymakers devise a more tailored solution for Pakistan’s problems. Hunger is a crucial aspect that must be targeted, and immediately so.

According to experts, Pakistan may not be able to complete its commitment to the zero-hunger target. The impact of Covid-19, droughts and floods has been so severe that feeding the entire population has become a task that governments are not able to complete adequately. The pandemic reduced the public’s immunity and impacted nutrition. Its economic ramifications were such that it robbed countless people of their livelihoods, thereby creating extreme levels of unaffordability. Add to this the economic turbulence induced by political instability and poor decision-making in the past, the common man has been completely isolated.

Our progress when it comes to human development goals has been dismal at best. The government is often unable to implement projects that tackle large-scale problems, leaving us with barely any achievements under our belt. And this state of being is not likely to change if those in positions of power do not take action. When it comes to improving national food security, the government must look at rates of production and determine what causes yields to be reduced. Technology and other innovative solutions must be employed on a national level to improve. We must also focus on population growth as well as the rate at which the climate is changing. Both are adding undue stress on the availability of food, and the capacity for the country to produce it. If we do not pay attention to this right now, millions will suffer and major milestones will be left unachieved.