Message from Chief of The Naval Staff on the occasion of Defence Day 06 September 2022

6th September is a day of reckoning in our national history. It reminds us of the exceptional unity and un­wavering resolve with which the entire nation stood behind its Armed Forces to foil brazen act of aggression by the adver­sary. It reverberates the un­precedented valour exhibited by our Armed Forces and self­less sacrifices made by the na­tion to defeat enemy’s nefari­ous designs.

At this juncture, we ac­knowledge the sacrifices made by our Shuhadas and Ghazis who displayed unshakable resolve against a much larger adversary. The daring ‘Opera­tion SOMNATH’ by Pakistan Navy Ships to destroy Indian radar station and shore in­stallations at Dwarka, on the Gujrat Coast marked the un­contested dominance right from the onset of the war. PN Submarine Ghazi acted as an impenetrable shield at sea and a vital deterrent, forcing the enemy to espouse evasion and stifled the Indian Fleet within the harbour.

Pakistan Navy is entrusted with the sacred responsibility to guard maritime frontiers of the motherland. It is under­taking round the clock opera­tions and has demonstrated its capability and vigilance in recent crises, notably by de­tecting, tracking and banish­ing adversary’s submarines from our waters.

In today’s challenging mari­time arena, Pakistan Navy has been at the forefront in en­suring safety and security of international waters through collaborative and indepen­dent initiatives. Pakistan Navy is also spearheading various initiatives to jump start Paki­stan’s Blue Economy in line with Government’s renewed focus on maritime sector and is proactively playing its part, especially through systematic survey of offshore resources within our Exclusive Eco­nomic Zone to boost national economy.

Pakistan Navy is also con­tributing to the onerous task of nation building besides its core tasks of deterring war and ensuring maritime de­fence. On this day, we reaffirm our resolve and revitalize ef­forts to assist our countrymen afflicted by recent floods, es­pecially those along the coast as well as interior Sindh and Balochistan, and vindicate ourselves as a resilient na­tion. We owe it to Allah SWT’s special blessings to bestow us with the strength and for­titude to surmount all chal­lenges courageously and cohe­sively while safeguarding our national security interests.

Today, all the Officers, CPOs/ Sailors and Pakistan Navy Ci­vilians, reiterate the resolve and commitment to defend our motherland with unflinching faith and entire wherewithal at our disposal.

May Allah be our Guide and Protector.


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