ISLAMABAD/LONDON    -    Prime Minis­ter Shehbaz Sharif on Mon­day felicitated Liz Truss on her election as the leader of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom. “I extend my felicitations to Liz Truss on being elect­ed leader of the Conserva­tive Party,” the prime min­ister wrote on Twitter. He said the election reflected the high confidence placed by Tory membership in her vision and policies. Ac­cording to the media re­ports, Liz Truss will be the UK’s next prime minister after winning the Conser­vative Party’s leadership contest. Truss won 57% of Conservative Party mem­bers’ votes, against oppo­nent Rishi Sunak’s 43%. Britain’s Conservative par­ty Monday announced Liz Truss as its new leader to succeed Prime Minis­ter Boris Johnson and con­front Britain’s deepest eco­nomic crisis in decades. The foreign secretary com­fortably beat her rival, for­mer finance minister Rishi Sunak, by about 57 to 43 percent after a gruelling summer-long contest de­cided by just over 170,000 Conservative members -- a tiny sliver of Britain’s elec­torate. In a short victory speech at the announce­ment in a central Lon­don convention hall, Truss said it was an “honour” to be elected after under­going “one of the longest job interviews in history”. “I campaigned as a Con­servative, and I will gov­ern as a Conservative,” she said, touting Tory values of low taxes and personal re­sponsibility. Truss vowed a “bold plan” to address tax cuts and the energy crisis.