I am unable to understand former Prime Minster, Pakistan, Mr Imran Khan’s ambiguous statement about real independence. He claims that he believes in real independence and promises to give it to Pakistan. He didn’t mention real independence during his three and half years of rule when he was Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

Imran Khan has been saying repeatedly in public meetings since he was ousted as prime minister of Pakistan in a no-confidence vote in Pakistan’s National Assembly on 9th April 2022 that his parents told him that he is very lucky because he is born and lives in Pakistan which is an independent country whereas his parents were living in undivided India which was not an independent country as it was under British rule. I would like to mention here that my parents who were settled in Agra in undivided India and migrated with the whole family from India to Karachi in 1947, told me the same story about independence that Imran Khan’s parents to him and I am sure that millions of parents told to their children same as well after Pakistan became independent in the year 1947. 

So Imran Khan is not the only one in this story of Independent Pakistan. Secondly, millions and millions of other Pakistanis benefitted from independence after 1947 like Imran Khan including me as they were given opportunities to progress and prosper with hard work and realised their dream in their respective profession as Imran Khan did in his career. So Imran Khan is not alone in this story of working hard and making progress and getting prosperity. There are millions and millions of Pakistanis who are doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, journalists, bankers, pilots, businessmen, skilled and unskilled workers who are working hard in Pakistan and abroad and making their living and progressing. So Imran Khan is not the only one in this success story. 

So why is Imran Khan telling us again that Pakistan is not independent in the real sense? Pakistan is the world’s 6th nuclear power which would have not been possible if Pakistan didn’t have real independence. Look at the media freedom in Pakistan. Imran Khan has been speaking his mind in public regarding his political opponents and establishment about which some people think he has crossed the media freedom limits of any democratic country, then how he claims that Pakistan is not really independent? Yes, we have lagged behind in economic progress and hence in other areas like education, health, human development etc. as compared to other countries. 

The main reason for lagging behind in the economy as compared to other countries is that Pakistan’s rulers have been mismanaging the country’s economy. For the last many years including three of Imran Khan’s rule, Pakistan’s current account deficit as well budget deficit was not controlled. This actually forces Pakistan to ask for financial help from other countries and International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc. Therefore, I believe all the politicians of Pakistan including Imran Khan must practice economic policies when in power so that we don’t record unmanageable twin deficits; current account and budget deficit which compels Pakistan to seek help from other counties.