LAHORE - Former member of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Governing Board and President Lahore Regional Cricket Association (LRCA) Khawaja Nadeem Ahmed has said that the restoration of PCB Constitution 2014 is vital for better future of cricket. 

In a statement here on Monday, Khawaja Nadeem said: “Young cricketers and cricket administrators from all over the country are expecting high from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to make some bold decisions for the betterment of cricket in Pakistan. This system, which prevents talent from coming forward across the country, needs to be removed soon. The current constitution, cricketing and administrative structure of the PCB is not in line with the needs of the population and the game.” 

He further said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced the restoration of departmental sports. “This announcement needs to be implemented soon to restore the departmental sports to its original condition. If there is departmental cricket and cricket of sixteen regions, the sport will develop in the country, the economic future of the cricketers will be secured, the number of players will increase and the sports culture will be restored in the country,” the former LRCA chief said. 

Khawaja Nadeem added that for the past few years, Pakistan cricket has been limited to only six teams. “This experiment has failed. There is no accountability in the six teams, the cricket board has been turned into a center of power, and the six associations have people of their choice. These are powerless associations, they have no authority and every decision is taken by the officers of the cricket board. 

“Six associations were established that they would be independent institutions but nothing happened like that. Cricket has been destroyed and the quality of grassroots cricket has fallen to an alarming level. The performance of the teams in the ongoing National Twenty20 Cricket Tournament these days is good enough to open the eyes of current high-ups of the cricket board.

“There is no system of promotion and demotion of the six cricket teams and there is no accountability anywhere in the board. Today, we have not a good number of middle-order batsmen, off-spinners and fast bowling all-rounder. It means that there is a severe shortage of players in the country. All these defects are the result of current system, which has totally failed and the main reason behind downfall of domestic cricket in Pakistan,” Khawaja Nadeem concluded.