Govt to fulfil IMF program, Shamshad assures WB

ISLAMABAD  -  Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Af­fairs, and Privatization Dr. Shamshad Akhtar on Tuesday reiterated the caretaker government’s unwavering commit­ment to the successful fulfilment of its obliga­tions under the IMF pro­gram and timely com­pletion of all ongoing development projects.

Country Director World Bank Mr. Najy Benhassine called on Caretaker Federal Min­ister for Finance, Reve­nue, Economic Affairs, and Privatization Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, at the Finance Division here.

Dr. Shamshad Akhtar appreciated the role of World Bank as one of the major development partners of Pakistan. She also expressed gratitude for the World Bank’s continued support and commitment to Pakistan’s economic growth through its ongoing development projects in the country that will help Pakistan strengthen its fiscal management, undertake foundational reforms, and uplift the masses. She also informed the delegation about the com­prehensive measures being taken by the interim government to enhance revenue collection of the country and pursuance of sound fiscal policies. She emphasized the government’s determination to pri­oritize the well-being of its citizens, es­pecially those most vulnerable, through targeted initiatives that promote inclu­sive development and mitigate the im­pact of economic challenges on the peo­ple of Pakistan. 

Mr. Najy Benhassine commended Pa­kistan’s dedication to economic reforms and expressed the World Bank’s read­iness to provide technical assistance and financial support to help Pakistan achieve its development goals. He high­lighted the importance of collaboration between the World Bank and the Paki­stani government to address pressing economic challenges and promote sus­tainable development. During the meet­ing, both the parties exchanged views on their shared vision of promoting econom­ic stability and social development in Pa­kistan to foster a prosperous and resilient future for the country. Dr. Akhtar under­scored need for support for strengthen­ing social safety nets, aimed at providing much-needed relief to the masses during challenging economic circumstances. The meeting concluded with both the sides re­affirming their commitment to strength­ening the partnership for the benefit of Pakistan’s economy and its people. Mr. Njay Benhassine was accompanied by his team including Mr. Tobias Akhtar Haque, Lead Country Economist, and Mr. Gailius J Draugelis, Operations Manager.

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