IHC restrains Islamabad DC from issuing orders under MPO

The Islamabad High Court has restrained the Islamabad deputy commissioner from issuing orders under the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) for an indefinite period.

The restraining order from the high court came during Wednesday’s hearing on a petition filed against the detention of Shehryar Khan Afridi and Shandana Gulzar Khan of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Justice Babar Sattar observed that Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon could not use the power(s) drawn under the Section 3 of the MPO.

The judge questioned that under what jurisdiction the district magistrate had been issuing orders under the MPO. He also decided to seek official assistance in order to comprehend the very method being employed to manage the affairs of the federal capital.

In this regard, the court stated, Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) Mansoor Usman Awan would be issued a notice for court assistance and advised to only present a certain notification issued in 1965.

At one juncture, the court inquired of the Islamabad DC if he received such a notification, observing that whenever someone was appointed a deputy commissioner, they usually got one.

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