Sept 6 a significant day to pay glowing tributes to defenders of Pakistannel

PESHAWAR   -  6th September 1965 is a sig­nificant day in the histo­ry of Pakistan as 58 years ago on this day, the brave soldiers of Pakistan had destroyed the nefarious designs of the enemy and succeeded in capturing over 1600 kilometres of areas of India.

Senior Defence Ana­lyst and Brig (Retd) Me­hmood Shah said that Pa­kistan’s security forces had occupied over 1,600 kilometres of Indian ter­ritory during 65 War and was in strong position to capture Dehli if the im­posed war continued for few more days.

“The morale of Indi­an troops was complete­ly shattered during 65 War. Pakistani forces had reached up to Sutlaj Riv­er’s bridge in India and could easily occupy De­hli if the war imposed on us by India continued for two more days as PAF and Pakistan Artillery had broken back of the enemy.”

He said most of the ene­my officers of 65 War had served with Pakistani commanders during Sec­ond World War–II and the latter knew about the so-called fighting abilities and skills of the former that helped us to frus­trate their evil designs

Squadron Leader Mu­hammad Mahmood Alam popularly known as M M Alam shot down two en­emy hunter aircraft and damaged three others on 6th September 1965 and destroyed five more ene­my hunter aircraft in less than a minute on Sep­tember 7th which was unprecedented in Paki­stan Air Force’s history.

Brigadier Mehmood said India had attacked Pakistan on Septem­ber 6, 1965, in darkness without warning or dec­laration of war by vio­lating all agreements, conventions and interna­tional laws.

He said the whole Pa­kistani nation stood up with their valiant forces against the cowardly en­emy and defeated Indian forces despite limited re­sources.

Brig Mehmood said the national songs of Melody Queen, Noor Jehan had infused a new spirit of patriotism in the nation during the said war.

Meanwhile, the 58th Defence Day of Pakistan will be celebrated with great national enthu­siasm in Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa on Wednesday.

The day would dawn with special prayers in mosques for the progress and prosperity of Paki­stan and eternal peace of all martyrs of Pakistan including the recipients of Nishan-e-Haider, who laid down lives for the defence of the country.

From Chitral to D I Khan and Upper Kohistan to South Wa­ziristan districts, people from all 38 districts of KP including senior citizens, academics, farmers, civil society, human rights ac­tivists, military person­nel, farmers, labourers and media men would present glowing tributes to all martyrs and ghazis of Pakistan, who had ren­dered matchless sacrific­es while fighting against the enemy during 1948, 1965 and 1971 wars, 1999 Kargil conflict and war against terror. The brave soldiers of Paki­stan had destroyed the nefarious designs of the enemy in all these wars.

Civil and military of­ficials, politicians, trad­ers, businessmen, media men, relatives, colleagues and others would visit to the residences of mar­tyrs and recipients of Nishan-e-Haider as mark of respect and would present glowing tributes to the defenders of Paki­stan.

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