As the summer is coming nearer various designers have started their exhibitions and advertisements displaying colourful prints and colours for the season. Designer lawns are the biggest attraction for women nowadays. The designer outlets are crowded with ladies creating a hustle and bustle demanding more designs to look trendy and updated. However, keeping in view this scenario the designers have raised their prices to the maximum possible profit. The price of a simple lawn designer dress is around Rs8,500 , and the price of simple lawn kurta is 5,000 and it seems that if the situation remains the same it will exceed even more.

The most enthusiastic class are the upper class and middle class who can afford it. Now the question is what about the lower class, or the working class, which is a large majority and is deprived of the basic necessities of life? What about the 60 % living below the poverty line striving hard to just live from one day to the next? Is it justified to create a sense of inferiority in them? These designer lawns have created a complex amongst the lower class who are earning minimum wage. I would hate to ask the government to stop such a ridicules trend but someone needs to stop this, or at least provide some cheaper lawns for the middle class and the lower middle class as well.


Lahore, April 5.