As in other organizations the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has also started sprouting corrupt people around it. There is now a group that harasses illiterate women and asks them to give the cards to them to process and charge them Rs 500, half the money the government pays. I am sure they are working hand in hand with the people who are in charge of this program. PPP did one small favour to the poor, by giving them a meagre amount of Rs 1000 per month, and now some agents are stealing it from them! As usual there is an absence of any kind of system which could stop this day light robbery.

The complainants are illiterate women and the corrupt are powerful, educated men! Though this money is coming from the Zakat Funds, and from Bait-ul-Maal, PPP took credit for it and acted as if they were paying from their own personal wealth, which is tremendous, but now there is no one to put a stop to corruption. I hope Bilawal becomes mature and talks about subjects close to the hearts of the masses as his grand- father late Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto did and come up with a way to give relief to these women.


Karachi, April 5.