Hundreds cross Torkham border into Afghanistan

KHYBER                   -               Hundreds of stranded Afghan citi­zens crossed the Torkham border to Afghanistan when the Pakistani government opened the crossing on Monday for four days.

The government of Pakistan on Sunday last had decided to open the border for four days on the request of the Afghan govern­ment.

The Chaman border will also re­main open during this period al­lowing the trapped Afghan nation­als to cross into their homeland.

The Torkham border was sus­pended on March 16 due to pan­demic of coronavirus across the world.

Since wee hours of Monday, thousands Afghan citizens includ­ing women, children, old and sick Afghans thronged the Khyber Pass, however, according to the adminis­trative officer checking points had been set up at Takhta Baig, Bug­yari, Zayrai, Michni and Toll plaza to manage the rush at the border.

A dozen of ambulances, carrying ill and dead bodies of the deceased Afghans also arrived to cross the border to Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the Afghan government allowed entry to those having valid documents.

Quoting Afghanistan border se­curity officials, a Pak security of­ficial at the border said that those Afghans holding passport and visa would be permitted to cross the border.

He also said that only 1,000 Af­ghan nationals would be allowed to cross the border per day as they lacked quarantined centres at the border

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