BISP’s dark side

The ongoing Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) seems to have failed to provide proper fi­nancial support to the poor. If, on one side, it is financially support­ing poor families, then on the other hand, this program is unethically humiliating, demeaning, and in­sulting to the blue-collar class. Be­hind this meager amount of money by the government, people are fac­ing unethical and illegal abasement and degradation, as this system of money distribution is totally cor­rupt and impure.

Especially women from the out­skirts, thanks to a lack of aware­ness, are being openly misled, de­manded unfair charges, and asked for money to check their balance in their accounts, which is totally ille­gal and unethical but still an unno­ticed act from the government.

Moreover, according to many se­cret reports, it has been observed that our sisters and mothers are being compelled by the device us­ers to have sexual and illicit rela­tionships with them so that they can receive their amount easily. Unfortunately, it istill an unnoticed act, and the government has not taken action against these scoun­drels and their barbaric behavior towards have-nots.

A few days ago, in my city, Bhi­ria Road, Sindh, a pregnant wom­an was trying to receive her BISP amount, and due to the large num­ber of people and their hustle for the amount, she got hurt and had a miscarriage. De facto, she is not re­sponsible for her accidental abor­tion; rather, the government is responsible for its unfair method­ology of providing financial sup­port to these people in this way. We acknowledge and respect the government’s financial efforts for the domestic prosperity of poor families, but this system of pay­ment distribution among pover­ty-stricken people like this is thor­oughly corrupt and unethical, and it should be changed.



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