Escalating textbook prices

The escalating cost of textbooks in Pakistan has emerged as a criti­cal issue that necessitates prompt attention from our newly elected government. The impact of soaring textbook prices holds detrimental consequences for students, particu­larly affecting those from disadvan­taged socio-economic backgrounds who may struggle to afford the nec­essary course materials. It is imper­ative that immediate measures be taken to address this pressing con­cern to ensure equitable access to education for all individuals.

We earnestly urge our honor­able Prime Minister, Shahbaz Shar­if, to address this issue with ur­gency and consider implementing policies that alleviate the financial burden on students. Provision of subsidies, establishment of book assistance programs, or leveraging digital resources could be potential strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of high textbook costs.

Ensuring affordable access to ed­ucational resources not only pro­motes academic equality but also fosters a conducive learning envi­ronment for students to thrive and excel. It is our sincere hope that the government will take decisive action to rectify this issue and pri­oritize the educational well-being of our nation’s youth.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt