Indian water floods 47 villages in Sialkot

The floodwater after Tuesday noon splashed out the banks of Nullah Dek near village Chahoor-Pasrur as 19,500 cusec water reached here from India and inundated around 47 villages of Pasrur, Zafarwal, Qila Ahmedabad  and surrounding areas.
Irrigation officials confirmed inundation of the 47 villages, saying that the high flood in Nullah Dek continued playing havoc in 20 flooded villages of Pasrur tehsil and 27 villages of Zafarwal  and Qila Ahmedabad as the water level was continuously souring up in flooded nullah.
According to the local stranded people, more than four to five feet high floodwater was present in villages of Pasrur, Zafarwal, Qila Ahmedabad and surrounding areas. The thousands of flood affected people have been left stranded in these villages, as they are unable to move to safer places due to the fast flow of water in these villages.
They told the media that there was five feet high water in Pasrur tehsil’s flood hit villages including Jabbokey, Nawaadhey, Chahoor, Machchaana, Eispur, Seehowal, Mehtabpur, Hunjali, Tharo Mandi, Shehzada, Bharat and  Khewa Bajwa. The agricultural lands on hundreds of acres were also inundated with the floodwater in Pasrur and Zafarwal areas.
District Officer Malik Abid Hussain Awan added that the rescue activities were on by the district administration, Civil Defence and Rescue 1122 workers in the flood hit areas of  Pasrur tehsil. The district administration of Sialkot claimed that the entire flood situation was under control here.
WATER LEVEL IN CHENAB INCREASING: There was a low level flood in River Chenab on Tuesday with 122,226 cusecs flow of water at Head Marala near Sialkot while the floodwater level was souring up in River Chenab due to the ongoing fresh spell of heavy rains in Sialkot region and in all the catchment areas in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The district officer revealed that the water level was also rising in flooded Nullah Aik, adding that flow of water was 6,100 cusecs at Oora-Sialkot. Nullah Ai played havoc in parts of Sialkot, Daska and Sambrial tehsils during the last 10 days.
He added that the there was high flood in Naullah Dek near Pasrur and Zafarwal with flow of water of 12,563 cusecs and flood water again splashed over its banks due to which the water level increased in already inundated Pasrur and Zafarwal villages. Seventy four villages were badly affected by the flash flood in Nullahs Aik and Dek in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils of Sialkot district and remained inundated for the third consecutive day, as the water level was souring up in Naullah near Kingra-Chahoor-Pasrur, Zafarwal-Qila Ahmedabad and surrounding flooded areas.
The high flood in Nullah Dek continued playing played havoc in 21 villages of Pasrur tehsil and 27 villages of Zafarwal. Forty eight villages had been lying inundated for the third consecutive day.

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