Protest rally against price-hike

LAHORE (PR): Hundreds of WAPDA/Elecy. Workers held a mass rally under the aegis of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union to protest against the sky rocketing price hike of essential commodities including food, petrol and elecy. making the lives of the wage earners and miserable poor segments of day to day and against causing harassment of some FIA officials. Work force threatening them as criminals prior holding any independent inquiry despite clear assurance made by the Chief Minister of Punjab not to do so and implementation of agreement made by the Government of Pakistan for up-gradation of the pay scale of the workers.
      Addressing the protest rally Khurshid Ahmed said that the Union would help the campaign of prevention of pilferage of elecy.  FIA official should not punish any worker without fair inquiry, thereby, causing mass unrest among the whole work force who performs duty round the clock even sacrificing their lives. He demanded to the Prime Minister and Federal Minister Water & Power and the Chief Minister of Punjab to ensure security to the Elecy. field staff against repeated violence of feudal lords and influential person during the their duties.

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