Ghazi Brotha project to help end water shortage issue

ISLAMABAD: Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz said that Ghazi Brotha project would help eliminate water shortage issue on the permanent basis as it would provide 200 MGD water to the city.

He informed this during a meeting with the Chinese delegation. The delegation took interest in different development initiatives of Metropolitan Corporation and gave different suggestions in this regard.

Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz informed the delegation that provision of sufficient water to the residents of the Federal Capital is among the top priorities of MCI.

He said that Islamabad is expanding day by day and existing water resources including Simly Dam, Tube wells and Khanpur Dam cannot meet water requirement of the city.

He said the Government of Pakistan has approved provision of water from Ghazi Brotha Project and soon after completion of necessary codal formalities work on the project would be launched.

Mayor of Islamabad told the delegation that MCI is also planning to replace old and dilapidated water supply lines and existing network.

He said that the existing water supply network was laid down in the 60s which are now in dilapidated and due to leakages, the large quantity of water waste on daily basis.

He further informed that initially, repair / maintenance of water supply line, conducting water from Simly Dam to the city, has been completed while repair / maintenance on rest of water supply network is in progress.

Mayor Islamabad also briefed the delegation about other different development projects being carried out MCI.

During the meeting, it was decided Chinese delegation and technical team of MCI would discuss and prepare different proposals. After evaluation, these proposals will be submitted to the government for approval.

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