DPO Khanewal orders crackdown against drug peddlers

Police seize 20 kg drugs, arrest 11 drug dealers in operations throughout the district

KHANEWAL   -   District Police Officer (DPO) Rana Omer Farooq directed officers con­cerned to launch a zero-tolerance policy against drug peddling in or­der to protect the next generation from drugs. In the light of the spe­cial instruction and guidelines of DPO Rana Umar Farooq, the opera­tion against the drug peddlers under the supervision of SDPOs is ogoing across the district. 

In a major operation against the notorious elements, eight drug lords were arrested and 10.64 kg of hash­ish was recovered. According to a press release, drug peddlers Umar Farooq Oud, Javed Oud, Usman Oud, Yasin Oud, Shabir Oud, Saleem Oud, Abdul Ghaffar Oud and Parveen alias Balqin were arrested red-handed by the police at Qaiser Chowk, Stadium Road, T-Chowk, Railway Road, and further interrogation is going on un­der separate cases. 

A press release said that opera­tions against the drug lords were ongoing. DPO Khanewal Rana Umar Farooq said that crackdown on the trade and use of drugs would con­tinue, the drug dealers would not be allowed to operate freely in the district .

The DPO said these elements were destroying the bright future of the youth. In this connection, Chhab Kalan police station also arrested three drug dealers, from whose pos­session 7.6kg of hashish and 2.1 kg of opium was recovered. Illegal weapons pistol 30 bore 03, Corolla GLI car and 02 motorcycles have also been seized by the police. Ac­cording to the press release, drug dealers Iftikhar Joya, Zulfikar Joya and Asif Dogar were arrested from 80/15L, 84/15L and 77/15L. DPO Khanewal said that Khanewal Po­lice has started an operation against drug peddlers, as a result of which positive and major actions had been taken. He appealed to the public and said that if parents wanted a bright future for their children, it was nec­essary to keep a close eye on their children’s company and their move­ments. At the same time they should keep their areas free of drugs. 

He said police would take imme­diate action against dealers selling drugs. He said police would also en­sure destruction of drug trafficking dens without discrimination.

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