Flour price up by Rs15 per kg in Quetta

QUETTA  -  The price of flour has increased by Rs15 per kg in Quetta, Balo­chistan. According to details, the price of flour after an increase of Rs15 per kg has reached Rs150 in Quetta, adding misery to the already inflation-hit people. 

It revealed that the price of 20 kg of flour has increased from Rs2,800 to more than Rs 3,000. According to the member of flour mills, wheat from Balo­chistan is smuggling to other provinces, it is not possible to stabilize prices until wheat smuggling is stopped. 

A few days ago, data was re­leased from PBS, according to which Karachi’s citizens are buy­ing the most expensive flour in the country where 20kg bag is being sold at Rs3200

In addition, the prices of flour across the country, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Haider­abad, Gogranwala, Khazdar, Ba­haulpur, have also icnreased.

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