Inadequate facilities at police station draw CM Naqvi’s ire

Lahore   - Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi visited Police Station City Rawalpindi, where he found the premises to be unclean, polluted, and poorly maintained. He expressed his frustration over the lack of proper sanitation arrangements and the deteriorating condition of the washrooms, reprimanding the Station House Officer (SHO ) for the situation. When asked about the washrooms’ condition, the SHO could not provide a satisfactory response. In response, the Chief Minister instructed the SHO to personally inspect and improve the cleanliness arrangements of the washrooms. During his visit, Mohsin Naqvi attempted to check the progress on pending applications using the front desk computer, but the system was slow and eventually stopped working altogether. Even after returning from the inspection, the system continued to be non-functional. Consequently, the Chief Minister ordered the installation of high-speed internet and immediate filing of First Information Reports (FIRs) for the pending applications. He stressed that there should be no unnecessary delays from application registration to FIR filing at the police station, especially for complaints of serious nature.

Continuing his inspection, Chief Minister visited the lock-up, Investigation Room, Control Room, and other sections of the police station. In the lock-up, he noticed a policeman wearing a long nicker, and cots were present, which raised concerns about the working conditions.

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