Inadequate facilities at Rawalpindi police station draw CM Naqvi’s ire

LAHORE  -  Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi visited Police Station City Rawalpindi, where he found the premises to be unclean, pol­luted, and poorly maintained. He expressed his frustration over the lack of proper sanitation arrange­ments and the deteriorating condi­tion of the washrooms, reprimand­ing the Station House Officer (SHO) for the situation. When asked about the washrooms’ condition, the SHO could not provide a satisfactory response. In response, the Chief Minister instructed the SHO to per­sonally inspect and improve the cleanliness arrangements of the washrooms. During his visit, Moh­sin Naqvi attempted to check the progress on pending applications using the front desk computer, but the system was slow and eventu­ally stopped working altogether. Even after returning from the in­spection, the system continued to be non-functional. Consequently, the Chief Minister ordered the in­stallation of high-speed internet and immediate filing of First In­formation Reports (FIRs) for the pending applications. He stressed that there should be no unneces­sary delays from application reg­istration to FIR filing at the police station, especially for complaints of serious nature. Continuing his inspection, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi visited the lock-up, Investi­gation Room, Control Room, and other sections of the police sta­tion. In the lock-up, he noticed a policeman wearing a long nicker, and cots were present, which raised concerns about the working conditions.

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