PTI will hold intra-party elections: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said we are going to held intra-party election soon, Waqt News reported, “We have completed our preparations and established a complete system for that,” he said. “PTI will be institutionalized so It can remain operational,” he added. “The case of PPP is in front of us which is finished after Benazir,” he pointed out

While talking to the media Khan said last time there were shortcomings in the party elections. “This time membership with electoral role will make it a transparent process,” he claimed.
While talking about the Local Body elections the PTI chairman said his party contested the elections with full force. “In effect our party is four years old because before that we have very few people in it. It has spread quickly throughout the country which has left some weak points in it,” he told the press. “We are going to re-organize our party in the regions where it is weak,” he stated.
Discussing about rigging in local body elections he stated: “These elections were more rigged than 2013 elections. You can ask the other parties who have contested these elections.”
“PML-N in Punjab, PPP in Sindh and MQM in Karachi have contested the elections with help of state machinery” he criticized. “These parties do not want to change the status quo,” he stated.
While answering a question he said that the party will file a case against the rigging because they have proofs. “The responsibility is on ECP that is involved in the rigging. It will not investigate this issue with justice.”
“If proper investigation isn't conducted, we will launch a peaceful protest which is our democratic right,” he told the media.

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