KARACHI  -  Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has urged the parents of special children to bring them to rehabilitation centers for treatment instead of keeping them detained in homes.

Dr Fowzia visited the rehabilitation center of the Social Welfare Department at FC Area Karachi and attended a program where special children presented speeches and tableaus.

Dr Fowzia said that despite lack of proper facilities in this rehabilitation center, special persons here have shown their great capacity to learn and become useful and contributing members of society. She said the efforts of teachers and trainers of this center are praiseworthy. She said the parents should not keep their special children detained in their home but instead bring them to doctors and medical centers of proper treatment.

She said the parents should not shy away from bringing their children to marriage functions and other social ceremonies. She said spending a few hours in this rehabilitation center she felt that it needs more facilities.

She regretted that the both federal and provincial governments have earmarked meager funds for education and healthcare and they should be increased.

Speaking on the occasion the organizer Prof Tanveer Malik, said that there is no dearth of talent amongst our youth. He said in other words people have a lot of talent, but our rulers greatly lack in this field.

A special student, Muhammad Shah Faisal, in his address said. We are normal persons and people should extend a normal behavior to us. He said if you cannot give us opportunities to go ahead at least you should not block our path.