PM announces to revamp entire sports structure

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan announced re­vamping of the entire sports structure in Pakistan, saying the government is striving to take Pakistan forward in international sports through various measures includ­ing talent-hunting, development of sports grounds, reforms in sports bodies and elim­ination of mafias from various sport

PM Imran Khan told a huge gathering of youth in Islamabad, at Jinnah Stadium on the occasion of the launching of country’s Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive, which is the part of the new four projects worth Rs. 4 billion initiated by the present govern­ment in coordination with Kamayab Jawan Programme and the Higher Education Commission to keep the country’s youth engaged in sports and extracurricular ac­tivitie The PM, who earlier launched the Sports Drive and lit-up the torch, said that since the country’s 70% of population was under the age of 30 years, the present gov­ernment has so far developed 300 and 260 sports grounds in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, respectivel

Highlighting the importance of sports for healthy life and giving the youth a men­tal strength to fight the challenges in life, expressed his government’s resolve to spread a network of sports ground across the country. “When you learn to compete in ground, you also learn to win and also learn to face defeat…When there comes a difficult time in the life of a person, he or she faces that challenge with courage,” the PM remarke

He said that with New Zealand, a coun­try of just 5 million population, had more sports grounds than Pakistan – a country of 220 million people, the present gov­ernment was striving to develop sports grounds in every village, town, Tehsil and Districts across the country. Besides the promotion of sports activities, Imran Khan said that the government was also focus­ing on education and had disbursed Rs. 47 billion in scholarships to 6.3 million youth, the highest number of scholarships in country’s history. PM mentioned his 21 years of experience in sports and said his message for the youth was that they should never feel discouraged after defeat in a game, as it provided them an oppor­tunity to review their shortcomings and prepare themselves for the next competi­tion with a renewed vigor and spirit. He also congratulated his Special Assistant on Youth Affairs Usman Dar for organizing such a big event of Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive and hoped that such talent-hunt drives will help further promote sports culture in the country and among youth.

Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordina­tion and Sports Dr. Fehmida Mirza in her remarks on the occasion described the Kamayab Jawan Programme as one of the present government’s best programmes and initiatives. She said under the new sports policy made in line with the vi­sion of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government during its five year tenure will develop sports grounds at every Teh­sil and Districts of the countr Dr. Femida Mirza also thanked the Prime Minister for allocating billions of rupees for the people of Sindh under the government’s Ehsas Programme. Besides the participation of a total of 6000 youth including 3300 boys and 2700 girls in the age group of 15 to 25 years in the sports competition, he said, a large number of youth from the across the country had gathered at Jinnah Stadium to witness the Sports Drive.