Govt urged to formulate National Healthy Diet Policy

ISLAMABAD            -        Speakers on Tuesday urged the government to formulate a pakistan National healthy Diet policy to encourage healthy eating practices and to address the burden of disease in the country. a team of Global alliance for Improved Nutrition (GaIN), led by Director of policy and external relations (GaIN) steve Godfrey currently visiting pakistan held a consultation session with Dr Baseer Khan achakzai, Director Nutrition/ health programmes, Ministry of National health services, regulations and Coordination (Nhsr&C), government of pakistan. In the discussion, the need for a National health Diet policy for pakistan was emphasised, steve Godfrey, shared the GaIN’s vision on food systems transformation and healthy diets. Godfrey said that globally, 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet and in pakistan, more than two third of the country’s population which is about 68 percent of pakistanis cannot afford a healthy diet. poor diet contributes to six of the top ten risk factors for the global disease burden, Godfrey said, adding that we are confident that this policy provides a roadmap for the country to ensure provision of a nutritious and healthy diet for its population but also overcome the challenges posed by a high prevalence of malnutrition.”

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