Criminal Violence

In addition to militancy and violent extremism, criminal violence is also a grim indicator of the law and order situation in the country. The recent attack in Kashmore district in Sindh against law enforcement personnel is one such fresh case in point. A policeman lost his life to the violence by dacoits, while three law enforcement personnel were injured. Criminal violence is a very sad reality and its expanse is not just limited to urban centres. Day-time looting and snatching incidents are usually associated with big cities of Sindh, especially Karachi. But this incident demonstrates that far-flung areas are also not completely safe.
It is unfortunate to see those who are tasked with the maintenance of peace and ensuring the security of communities being targeted by criminals. The retaliation and encounter could not save the precious life of policeman, Khalid Hussain Abro. It is important that those who were involved must be tracked down and punished. Criminal mafias are very organised and have a deep penetrability. The crackdown must be just as organised and swift. Personnel losing life or taking injuries in the line of duty is the highest form of service to the community and country, at large. Their sacrifice must be acknowledged and regarded.
The threat of criminal violence is more profound in certain regions than in others. Police reports and data are helpful in drawing an assessment of areas where such networks are more active and stronger. There is a need for inter-departmental cooperation to bring down these networks and dismantle them for good. Though militancy is a far more serious challenge but loss of civilians as well as law enforcement personnel to crimes-related violence cannot be overlooked.
The criminals associated with this incident must be brought into custody and treated as per law. No such incident should be taken lightly because for the families of the deceased in such cases, the loss sustains a lifetime. Justice must prevail at all levels of such criminal offences. For the enduring safety of urban, semi-urban, and rural communities, a formal crackdown on criminal gangs must be initiated.

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