Displaced Tirah Valley tribals compelled to spend nights in open sky

KHYBER  -  Tribesmen of Tirah valley, dis­placed by the looming threat of a military operation against mili­tants, endure nights beneath the open sky with no provided shelter.

Approximately 324 families from Tirah, spanning areas like Ghulam Ali, Khapur, Kandow Kalley, Da­roota, Jarobi, Dray Nagharay, Dwa Kholay, Sandapal, sought refuge in downtown Bara, Khyber district, leaving their homes behind.

Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) recount abrupt evacua­tions due to military warnings, abandoning all possessions, forc­ing them into makeshift shel­ters amidst harsh weather. Khalil Khan, a social activist among the affected, expressed dismay over the lack of aid from local author­ities and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).

Dependent on agriculture and livestock in their mountainous homes, the recent displacement has severely impacted their livelihoods, affecting both crops and animals.

The IDPs plea for government intervention, demanding essential provisions during their temporary stay in Bara and urging swift clear­ance of their native villages from militant presence.

Despite attempts to contact the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Khy­ber for comment on the issue, no response was received. Similar­ly, the PDMA district official high­lighted that no relief efforts have commenced in Bara for the dis­placed families as the administra­tion has not engaged them yet.

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