Embrace you

Have you ever woken up to the weight of self-doubt and so­cietal pressures, caught in a dai­ly struggle within yourself? Jour­ney with me into the twisted world of modern beauty stan­dards, where the cost of confor­mity can devour one’s essence without leaving a trace...

Did you know the consequenc­es are dire, even claiming lives? The impact on individuals, both men and women, is the most con­cerning aspect of this pervasive issue. Whether through social media or societal expectations, unrealistic beauty ideals foster internal conflicts, pressuring in­dividuals to conform.

Feeling compelled to conform often stems from body shaming, pushing people to see it as a do-or-die situation. Failure to meet societal beauty norms results in ridicule and exclusion. The lim­ited definition of beauty disre­gards diversity, making individu­als feel marginalised.

Over the years, I’ve encoun­tered friends dealing with this issue. Social media, filters, ex­treme cosmetic procedures, and societal judgments contribute to toxic beauty standards. These standards lead to feelings of in­adequacy, low self-esteem, and severe mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Individuals often experience helplessness witnessing their loved ones suffer. It’s crucial to re­alise that true beauty lies within. Embrace your uniqueness, flaws, and individuality. Your kindness and love make you beautiful. Stay confident; you are the standard.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt