EU seeks agreement on world’s first

BRUSSELS - The European Union will seek to thrash out an agreement on sweeping rules to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) on Wednesday, following months of difficult negotiations in particular on how to monitor generative AI like ChatGPT. The EU is racing to approve the world’s first comprehensive AI law after the issue took on greater urgency when the ChatGPT bot burst onto the scene last year, highlighting AI’s dizzying advances. ChatGPT was wowed with its ability to produce poems and essays within seconds. AI proponents say the technology will benefit humanity, transforming everything from work to healthcare, but others worry about the risks it poses to society, fearing it could thrust the world into unprecedented chaos. Brussels is bent on bringing big tech to heel with a powerful legal armoury to protect EU citizens’ rights, especially those covering privacy and data protection. For example, the greater the risk to citizens’ rights or health, the greater the systems’ obligations. Negotiations on the final legal text began in June, but a fierce debate in recent weeks over how to regulate general-purpose AI like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbot threatened talks at the last minute. Some member states worry that too much regulation will stifle innovation and hurt the chances of producing European AI giants to challenge those in the United States, including ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI as well as tech titans like Google and Meta.

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