KMU organisess culture & art exhibition

KHYBER  -  Khyber Medical University (KMU) in Peshawar recently hosted a vibrant Culture & Art Exhibition, orchestrat­ed by fourth-semester BSN and Post RN students from the KMU Institute of Nursing. This event was dedicated to fostering unity, embracing diversi­ty, and celebrating Pakistan’s rich cul­tural mosaic.

The exhibition showcased an array of activities designed to immerse at­tendees in the diverse tapestry of Pa­kistani cultures. From vibrant displays of traditional attire to cultural perfor­mances and tantalizing food fares rep­resenting various regions, the event offered a comprehensive cultural ex­perience. Students presented artifacts and shared insights into customs, high­lighting the nation’s cultural richness.

Registrar KMU, Inamullah, graced the occasion as the chief guest, com­mending the INS students for their eth­ical portrayal of diverse cultures. In his address, he emphasized KMU’s com­mitment to respecting and honoring the values, beliefs, and rituals of dif­ferent cultures. He praised the institu­tion’s dedication not only to nursing education but also to fostering cultural awareness and providing students with an enriching cultural environment.

“In addition to its excellence in nurs­ing education and leadership, KMU In­stitute of Nursing has set a benchmark through the leadership skills displayed by its students at this cultural exhibi­tion,” he remarked. Inamullah encour­aged students to persist in such initi­atives while ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services for patients.

The exhibition served as a testa­ment to KMU’s holistic approach to education, spotlighting its efforts in nurturing a culturally sensitive and diverse community.

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