PHC eases rules for Afghan refugees marrying Pakistanis

PESHAWAR  -  The Peshawar High Court (PHC) made piv­otal changes on Wednes­day, easing regulations for Afghan refugees who tie the knot with Paki­stani citizens.

In a comprehensive 33-page judgment authored by Justice Waqar Ahmed, the court took a signifi­cant stride in facilitating the lives of Afghan refu­gees opting to establish their futures in Pakistan.

The court’s directive permits Afghan nation­als wedded to Pakistan­is to seek Pakistan Origin Cards (POCs), granting them specific privileges linked with Pakistani cit­izenship. This measure aims to streamline the regularization process for Afghan refugees and ensure their seamless in­tegration into Pakistani society.

The decision under­scores the need to sim­plify the marriage reg­istration process for Afghan-Pakistani cou­ples, abolishing the man­datory requirement of a passport and ID card for POC applications in mar­ital cases. Additionally, the court mandates swift issuance of POC cards post-security clearance, preventing undue delays for eligible individuals.

In cases where NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) rejects an application, the court stipulates pro­viding a detailed written explanation for the re­fusal. This transparency measure aims to protect applicants’ rights and guarantee fair treatment.

The court’s verdict has received warm recep­tion among Afghan refu­gees and their Pakistani spouses, who have long grappled with complexi­ties within Pakistani im­migration laws. The re­laxation of rules and simplified procedures is poised to ease the chal­lenges faced by these couples, enabling them to concentrate on forging their lives together in Pa­kistan.

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