Political palette

Young people engaging in poli­tics is akin to infusing vibrant colours into the canvas of democ­racy, fostering hope, progress, and benefits for both the youth and so­ciety. Politics, being an integral as­pect of human existence, shapes the future and instils hope for sur­vival. With their energy and com­petitiveness, the youth can bring charisma to politics and contribute to creating responsible citizens.

When young individuals enter the political arena, it’s like inject­ing bright hues into the painting of democracy, delivering hope and positive outcomes for all. Let’s ex­plore why youth involvement in politics is imperative.

New Ideas: Young minds har­bour extraordinary sentiments, thinking creatively and uniquely, aiding in problem-solving. Youth participation ensures a diversity of ideas from individuals with var­ied perspectives, akin to having a diverse and effective team.

Moreover, engaging in politics helps young people comprehend how the government functions, understand their rights, and con­tribute to making informed de­cisions—essentially, it’s akin to attending school to become a re­sponsible citizen. Participating in politics strengthens the resolve and critical thinking of young individu­als, contributing to the betterment of their community or country.

Government Accountability: The involvement of young people in pol­itics ensures government account­ability, fostering their commit­ment to improving society even as they age. Proficient with technolo­gy, they use phones and computers to discuss political matters, demon­strating their concern for crucial is­sues such as the environment, fair­ness, and societal kindness.

Young leaders in politics hold older counterparts accountable for their actions, akin to having older siblings ensuring fairness. The upcoming generation’s in­volvement transcends borders, advocating for significant global issues like climate change and pro­moting global harmony.

Collaborative Progress: In pol­itics, people become comrades, supporting one another regard­less of their origin or age. The col­laborative nature of politics re­sembles a large family, facilitating communication and cooperation. Older individuals engage more in discussions when the youth are actively participating, fostering in­tergenerational dialogue.

Amplifying Voices: Young people address issues significant to them in politics, prompting leaders to listen and implement positive changes. This participatory pro­cess is akin to students expressing their needs to teachers.

In essence, youth engagement in politics is not only beneficial for young individuals but for society as a whole. It transforms the world into a better, more colourful place!



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