Pro-Pakistani and Pro-Army

I am frequently asked why my writings predominantly center around our country and its military, labeling me as a staunch supporter of Pakistan and its army. Some close acquaintances have even gone so far as to block me on social media platforms. Surprisingly, certain national and local newspapers shy away from publishing content that is pro-Pakistan and pro-army, opting instead for more negative narratives. The editor of a national newspaper candidly admitted that my article couldn’t be published due to strict directives from the owners against promoting pro-country and pro-army perspectives.
For me, the significance of having an independent country is paramount. A country is not just a geographical entity with defined borders; it is the essence and cornerstone of a nation. It extends beyond physical boundaries, encapsulating the collective identity, culture, and aspirations of its people. Despite facing challenges like inflation, high unemployment rates, and issues in law and justice, the undeniable benefits of having an independent country become apparent. Having a country offers the prospect of better conditions in the future compared to living as a minority without independence. The dire situations in Palestine and Occupied Kashmir further emphasize the importance of my homeland. Anyone questioning Pakistan should consider asking the people of Palestine and Occupied Kashmir about the value of having an independent country. I ask, why wouldn’t I love a country where I am free to live and work independently?
Now, shifting to the role of the army, it extends beyond defense; it is an essential institution safeguarding a country’s sovereignty, stability, and prosperity.
At the core of the army’s importance is its primary role in national defense. Tasked with protecting borders from external threats, the army ensures the safety and security of citizens. A strong military acts as a deterrent, dissuading potential aggressors and creating a foundation for a secure environment. The army symbolizes a nation’s sovereignty, asserting independence and signaling the capability to protect its interests. Beyond external threats, the army maintains internal stability, responding to natural disasters, civil unrest, or crises by providing humanitarian assistance, restoring order, and supporting civilian authorities. The disciplined nature of the army makes it reliable in both peace and crisis. The military contributes to nation-building efforts, developing infrastructure in regions facing security challenges, fostering economic development. Military engineering units play a vital role in constructing essential facilities, contributing to economic growth and connectivity. Armed forces are crucial in disaster relief operations, responding rapidly to natural disasters. This dual role as defenders and humanitarian responders highlights the military’s versatility.
Now, let’s delve into the exceptional contributions of the Pakistan Army to the nation. As an integral part of the country’s defense forces, the Pakistan Army has played a pivotal role in upholding the nation’s sovereignty, ensuring internal stability, and contributing to various facets of national development. In the face of diverse challenges, the army has exhibited unwavering commitment and resilience over the years. The paramount role of the Pakistan Army lies in defending the country’s borders against external threats. Despite facing conflicts with neighboring countries, the army has consistently displayed valor and professionalism in safeguarding Pakistan’s territorial integrity. The sacrifices made by courageous soldiers on the front lines have earned them immense respect and gratitude from the nation.
Confronting the menace of terrorism, the Pakistan Army has been at the forefront of efforts to eliminate this threat. Operations like Zarb-e-Azb have targeted militant groups, dismantling their infrastructure and restoring security to affected regions. This commitment to eradicating terrorism has fostered an environment conducive to national development.
Beyond traditional military roles, the Pakistan Army actively engages in nation-building initiatives. Involvement in infrastructure development projects, such as constructing roads, bridges, and educational institutions, particularly in remote and underdeveloped areas, has improved the quality of life and contributed to socio-economic development. The Pakistan Army places a strong emphasis on education and training, with institutions like the Pakistan Military Academy producing skilled and disciplined officers who contribute not only to the military but also various sectors of society. This commitment to education is pivotal in building a knowledgeable and capable workforce for the nation. The Pakistan Army, an institution where anyone, regardless of caste or status, can join through a transparent and fair mechanism, emphasizes its commitment to serving the nation. The current services of our Army Chief and the Pak Army, addressing challenges ranging from financial crises and anti-smuggling to inflation control and repatriation of illegal refugees, highlight their remarkable role. My question remains: why should I not love such an army that ensures the security allowing me to live and work freely and independently in my country? This article is a testament to the significance of an independent country and a courageous army. Such an endeavor would be impossible for me if I were in Occupied Kashmir or Palestine.
Readers, when we discuss the Pakistan army, it is an undeniable reality that our Army plays a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing continuity of our independence. It operates as a well-managed and disciplined force, aiding us in both conflict and disaster management. The comprehensive contribution of the Army towards the betterment of the country cannot be overlooked. Personally, I take immense pride in being Pro-Pakistani and Pro-Army, and I don’t identify significant drawbacks that would impact my integrity and independence negatively. The fact that I live in an independent and secure environment is owed to having both an independent country and a courageous army. Encouraging the entire nation to embrace the same spirit is essential to collectively demonstrate our patriotism as a society.

The writer is a freelance columnist. He can be reached at abdulbasitalvi

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