Tug-of-love: Pakistani schoolgirl Molly back in UK

LONDON - A British schoolgirl who moved to Pakistan to live with her father four years ago after a high-profile tug of love between her divorced parents has returned to the UK, according to British media reports. Molly Campbell went to Pakistan to live with her father and older sister in 2006, when she was 12, after claiming she was unhappy living with her mother and new partner. Originally from Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, she has spent four years living in Lahore where she went to an Islamic school. The teenager is understood to have wanted to return to the UK permanently... She flew in last week with her brother Adam, 20, and has moved in with her 22-year-old sister Tahmina. Mollys mother Louise Fairlie, who still lives on the Isle of Lewis, has been staying with her two daughters since the teenager flew home. It is understood Molly returned to with her father, Sajad Ranas approval. Her mother said: We are very happy and we are all enjoying the family life that we have got. The past is behind us and we are moving on. We would now just like to be left alone. The schoolgirl vanished from the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway in 2006 after just a few days at the school. Her disappearance sparked huge controversy with her mother accusing her father of abduction and warning she might be forced into an arranged marriage. At the time, her mother was living with her partner Kenny Campbell and their six-month-old daughter in the Lewis fishing village of Tong. It later emerged Molly had been picked up by Tahmina and they had flown to Glasgow, where they had met their father and flown to Pakistan. Interpol launched a search for the missing teenager the following day but when Molly was found she said she had left of her own accord. She said her name was Misbah and claimed life in her mothers council flat had been a living hell. Of leaving, she said: It was my choice. I asked my sister if I could go with her. I would like to stay in Pakistan with my father. She said she was happy to have been reunited with her sister Tahmina and brother Adam, who were also living with her father in Pakistan. Her mother launched a legal battle to get her back to Scotland and former Glasgow MP Mohammad Sarwar flew out to act as a mediator. But in January 2007, Ms Fairlie reached an out-of-court settlement with her ex-husband in which the couple agreed that Molly should stay in Pakistan while allowing her mother visiting rights and regular telephone calls. However, in December 2009, Mollys mother insisted she wanted to come back to Britain and accused Mr Rana of blocking contact with her daughter. Having split from Mr Campbell and without custody of their child together, she said: I just keep hoping one day she will come back. There is nobody in my house any more calling me Mama. She claimed Molly had been seduced by her fathers wealthy lifestyle in Lahore and that reality had later set in. Her father dazzled her with presents and a life of luxury. I was living in a council house with no carpets and little furniture. She and her brothers are not happy - I know that, she said at the time. They want to see their mother as well as their father. To make children choose is so unfair on everybody. Molly, Tahmina and Adam first moved to Pakistan to live with their father in 2003 but when they returned to the UK in 2005, their mother applied for and won a claim for emergency custody of Molly and Adam.

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