Imran Khan’s marriage with a prominent BBC weather-girl Reham Khan has sets a new trend among the rich and famous. By making it a low-key affair, with absolutely no extravagance, despite of outpouring demands from his followers, is surely a good omen for the oppressed majority of this country. Sections of media have played a cynical role, throughout the event, by exaggerating and fueling conspiracies about Mr. and Ms Khan’s siblings and pinning some condemnable attributes to Reham Khan, about her future possible political aspirations.

Social media’s frenzy resulted in the character assassination of the couple. Cynics spewed abhorrent propaganda about the duo and all the trivial things, dance clips of Ms Khan, domestic violence and divorcee, were circulating among our ‘educated’ youth. We need to learn how we can exhibit our views politely rather than indulging maligning of people. A code of ethics is imperative for the media to avoid such absurdity.


Rawalpindi, January 11.