After cowardly accepting the government’s Action Plan against religious and sectarian terrorism, as agreed in the All Parties Conference, in the presence of the Army Chief and then later walking out of the parliament, instead of debating and voting against the constitutional changes, religious-cum-political parties are now on the offensive, trying to create confusion in the nation. They are objecting why terrorism in the name of religion and sect has been singled out; what about other forms of terrorism, say in the name of regionalism and separatism? One would expect the government and media not to be on defensive, but to tell these parties in clear terms that 'enough is enough'.

Pakistan has lost 50,000 civilians and security personal in a war which has been waged in the name of religion and sect, not in the name of separatism. In fact these terrorists have waged war against religion itself, by bringing a bad name by killing and bombing, destroying schools and hospitals, kidnapping people for ransom and political blackmail, but the government is still not clear about what needs to be done. They are still trying to please religious leaders that seminaries.

Despite fiery speeches by Lal Masjid leaders and issuance of non-bail able warrants against Maulana Abdul Aziz, government is reluctant to take any action and still seeking legal opinions. Leaders of LeT and JuD are still holding rallies in Lahore and his seminary is being financed by no else but by Punjab government. Interior minister, Ch. Nisar, is highlighting his government inability to trace the financial support the seminaries are receiving from abroad. Banned religious and sectarian outfits are being warned not to operate under new names -- at the end of the day it is business as usual?


Saudi Arab, January 10.