Wall of Kindness reaches Lahore

Wall of Kindness or 'Deewar-e-Mehrbani’ has traveled from neighboring Iran to Peshawar, and now it has reached Lahore. It seems soon enough it would be everywhere.

A group of five students from The University of the Punjab Mass Communication Department, took up the initiative and painted Wall of Kindness, Deewar-e-Mehrbani near Jam-e-Sheeren Park, Firdous Market.

Harris Bhatti is leading the group. Salman Alam is working on pictures and videos. Javed Mughal is the designer and painter of the wall. Hussnain Nasir and Asad Ali are project coordinators .

Recently Lahore witnessed severe drop in temperature. After food, people needed warm clothing. The Wall of Kindness was one of the best ways to serve humanity.

Harris Bhatti spoke to The Nation. “The day I saw Iran’s Wall of Kindness, I loved the idea. But I was busy with university so could not put it up immediately. Then a few days ago we came across Peshawar’s Wall of Kindness. That was the time when I realized we need to put one up in Lahore as well.”

He continued: “This is our first day, but I am overwhelmed by the response. People in cars who saw the Wall came back with stuff to donate from their homes. It is rightly said, Lahore never disappoints anyone.

Harris said people have brought in all kinds of clothes jeans, shirts, sweaters, mufflers, etc. Some clothes are even branded but none of them was torn or in bad condition.

“I have also noticed that people from lower class are not taking the clothes; they said there are more deserving people who need it. We have so much stuff now – and it’s still coming in – that we have to keep it aside for the time being. So when the clothes on the Wall are taken, then we will bring out other donations.”

He spoke about the needy people. “Many people like the tongawala, the rickshaw drivers, and sweepers came to see the Wall. They had to be explained what the Wall was and that they did not need to pay any money for anything they took from it. Some were scared, while others picked up a few things.”

Javed designed and painted the wall within a day. It was all self-financed by the group. Anyone who wants to start this initiative just needs Rs 1,000 and a good art skills. The group now plans to spread the idea in Lahore. The Wall will be put up in 9 towns of Lahore. University or college students from nearby areas will be linked up so that they can help people out.

The group even got calls from Multan and Gujrat. Some university students plan to put up similar walls in their cities as well. When asked about leaving things out at night Harris said, “I trust my people. Anyone with love for humanity and honesty would not take the things until they actually need it.”

Raja Abid Saleem a passerby said, “This is a wonderful idea. I can see the youth getting involved in very positive activities. We should help them and spread the word. I definitely would donate clothes to the Wall of Kindness. With no gas these days, the poor people would at least have something decent to wear.”

Umaima Ahmed is a member  of staff

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