KARACHI           -          The Sindh Madressatul Islam University and American Institute of Pakistan Studies signed Memorandum of Understanding on Monday to boost higher education, scientific research and academic development.

According to the MoU, both parties have agreed to encourage, develop and facilitate mutually beneficial cooperative activities including promotion of cooperation in higher education sector and focus on faculty training by foreign scholars and their academic placement.

The MoU mentioned to share the information and use resources of both institutions more efficiently and effectively in order to provide increased services to the research community from US and Pakistani academic institution.

The Vice Chancellor of SMIU, Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, and president of AIPS Dr Farhat Haq signed the documents, Director AIPS Nadeem Akbar and National Coordinator of Inter-University Consortium for the promotion of Social Science, Murtaza Noor also witnessed it.

Speaking on the occasion in Senate Hall of the varsity, the Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh thanked the delegation and said AIPS was doing their work amazingly for decades, he added, such entities serve as a bridge between Pakistan and America.

Dr Shaikh further said  after this memorandum of understanding our faculty members can go to US on various programs as well as we can invite various international Scholars here for training. The VC briefed the AIPS delegation about the history of SMIU.

President of AIPS Dr Farhat Haq delivered a lecture on “Impeachment of a President: A Rare Event”.


 and said  impeachment is very rare in the United State, up till now only three presidents have been impeached including Donald Trump. She further said “I am living in US for a long time but did not observe such turmoil in last three years.”

Dr Haq said Many people in United States do not like Trump at this time, she added and said 55 percent people say they do not trust trump because he tells a lie and because of this  people are not supporting his decision on the situation in Iran. She warned and said If there is a conflict  between the US and Iran, then Pakistan would be in trouble but there are 20 percent chances that US sanctions will be lifted if Iran shows tolerance.

Further said both the countries are not economically in a position of war.

Talking on the situation in China, she said that in the last twenty-five years, neo-liberalism has greatly supported China’s economy.

While talking about SMIU she said the versity has a broader vision and this is a historic institution in the subcontinent. She further added that this MoU will be a productive collaboration in future because scholarships are very important for academic system.