Dilawar says he presented resolution in view of security, harsh weather conditions


Says Maulana Fazlur Rahman also said they cannot conduct campaign in their areas due to terrorism

MARDAN  -  Senator Dilawar Khan on Saturday said that with the consciences, of the members of group of in­dependent senators in the Senate, he adopted the resolution to postponement the general elections scheduled of 8th February, in order to facilitate the effective participation of people across the coun­try in the electioneering process in view of secu­rity and harsh weather conditions. 

“I have not received any indication from anyone to present the resolution”, he added. 

He expressed these views while addressing “Meet the Press” program at Mardan Press Club on Saturday. He added that if it was about indication, my brother and son will not lose the winning elec­tion in the 2018 general election. 

He argued that we have an independent group of 6 members in the Senate included by him, Senator Hidayatullah, Senator Hilal Rehman, Senator Ahmed Khan, Senator Naseebullah Aba­zai and Babar Khoda. 

He added that we discussed it and later on he presented the resolution in the senate. He argued that before the resolution, the Senator of Gwadar told him that they cannot conduct campaigns for the election in the current situation of terrorism. 

Dilawar Khan added that Maulana Fazlur Rah­man also said that they cannot conduct campaign in their areas due to terrorism. 

He added that in some areas of Khyber Pak­htunkhwa and Balochistan election campaign weren’t conducted even due to snowfall. 

He added that some people say that the quo­rum was not complete but according to the law, if a member is present and does not raise any objection, he can also state his problem on the floor of senate. 

He added that we requested the Chairman Senate who approved the resolution and all the senators present in the Senate spoke openly on the resolution. 

He added that PPP Senator Bahramand Tangi also spoke in favour of the resolution. 

He added that if anyone wants to hold a refer­endum on it with me, then I am ready for it. 

He argued that if the senators of the other ex­isting committees present at the senate at that time opposed it the resolution would have been rejected by majority vote. 

He said that ensuring elections within 90 days after an assembly’s dissolution was a constitu­tional requirement, so was ensuring the funda­mental right to vote for every citizen.

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