ISLAMABAD - The National Productivity Organization (NPO) has trained 4,021 individuals, 1,284 students and 217 industrial workers under a project to increase awareness among all the stakeholders on productivity enhancement. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NPO Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry, addressing a press conference briefed media on “1st Productivity Movement of Pakistan (Awareness Phase), a Way to Unlocking Economic Potential through Productivity and Competitiveness.”

He said that during fiscal year 2021-22, the NPO has conducted various awareness sessions and educated 4,021 individuals about the concept of productivity under project Sustainable National Productivity (SNP). He said that 1,284 students of schools and technical institutes have been imparted education focusing on productivity concept through various sessions spreading all over Pakistan.  He said that with a targeted audience of industrial workers, 217 industrial workers have been trained through renowned productivity experts on productivity tools, techniques and good practices.   The project is aimed at spreading awareness among 10,000 people, industrial training to 400 workers and educating 3,000 students of technical schools and colleges on productivity concepts, he added.

Alamgir Chaudhry said that two booklets on productivity for industry and schools have been developed and were in the printing phase, whereas, two curriculums have been developed and been reviewed by international productivity experts are also in the printing and dissemination phase.