Who is responsible for unemployment in Pakistan? Education or the education system?

We need to shun the idea of some fields being 'superior' over others - in an ideal society the plumber should have the same professional respect as a doctor

What are we, if not lost souls. As our minds are never freed from the chaos of the belly. A hungry man, you see, can never think of anything apart from food. So how are we to think beyond, when our hearts lay confined in the dilemmas of our lives. Living in our own bubbles of faux solace, we run in a haze as they are popped. 
Centuries of evolution have gone by, yet man struggles over one basic necessity that makes him human; the need to provide for their kin; for which they seek employment. It is said that the food, shelter and a place to love are the basic necessities of life but the truth remains that employment is what makes the wheels of any society spin, the pace however may vary. 
So the question is that why are our wads of degrees no more then tissue paper to most employers? The reasons are clear as day. What happens to be the biggest problem of our society is that there is no concept of field diversity. We are a narrow minded nation for whom a child is either going to be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, anything else is a social taboo, a child gone to 'waste'. This kind of obsolete thinking creates a saturation in the above mentioned fields and a lack of resource persons in all other fields; this creates a need to employ personnel from overseas which creates a huge rift between the local  job employers and the job seekers. There is a dire need to create awareness amongst people about the crucial need for sending their children into other fields without any shame as every field holds equal importance. We need to shun the idea of some fields being 'superior' over the others - in an ideal society the plumber should have the same professional respect as that of a doctor. However, that sadly is not the case and a manual worker or a shopkeeper is looked down whilst a doctor or an engineer is given a great deal of respect. 
Moreover our education system is based upon the horrid idea of 'cramming' instead of clearing our concepts. This creates a mass army of dummies who hold degrees in their hands but have no knowledge of the content that has been fed into their brains; and like zombies they are able to dictate lines from their books but their implementation powers are negligible. There is an immense need for our curriculum to be revised as it has been dormant for over nearly 4 decades; your parents probably crammed the same lines that you are now cramming. 
A country is made not by its people but by the educator; ie the teachers. Sadly, in this country, the most wayward of people who are eradicated from all other professions seek to be teachers. How utterly pathetic it is that the core people of this nation, who not only provide education but nurture young mind are those who are the most downtrodden. A person who has no intellectual mind and is doing their job out of a mere lost hope of being someone else, how will they be an inspiration to the young minds? The sludge of their broken dreams is then forged onto young minds that has a very negative impact on most young children. 
Over-qualification is another ironic dilemma of our society. Sadly, we consider tonnes of degrees as a sign of our status and educational advancement; but the truth is that there is a requirement for people at the bottom and lower ridges of the pyramid, and as most of us are overqualified for those jobs that we consider measly, we are left with no job at all! Companies do not recruit an overqualified person and there is a saturation on the higher levels, so they do not have any vacancies therefore voila! most of the people are left jobless. 
So can we blame education? The answer is most certainly no. Education is the ladder through which humans have soared towards the skies and touched the surface of the moon. Without the beacon of education, man would still have been lost in the dark; wearing cow hides, running about with spears in their hands and dwelling in caves. We cannot ever blame education for what is the fault of the education system. 
I am a poor man's child and I open my eyes as blisters of torment burst over, bleeding over my face an agony that the years have showered upon me even before I was born in a society where my father has to work hard for a morsel of food, whilst I lay in certainty that I too will one day be caught in this whirlwind of seething agony as my children lie about hungry  while I struggle for a morsel of food to feed their hungry mouths. 
I say this out loud and clear: woe to those who call them our ‘educators’. Woe to those who make educational policies out of a mere house of cards and who build hopes on clouds.  Who do simply nothing as their intellectuals are fading away into skirmishes of poverty and injustice, their aspirations shattered as their role model leaders sit with their tables laden with the finest delicacies as a child dies at their very doorstep from hunger. We are caught in an endless cycle, a Pandora’s box of illiteracy, where the literate have no aspiration to help those who wallow in the pit of illiteracy.

Hadiya Rahman is an Islamabad-based doctor and writer. She works for women empowerment and the creation of a better place for those less fortunate. She has worked with many NGOs as a content writer, event documentator and media manager. Her writing varies from poetry and prose to throwing light upon the harsh realities of life

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