Islamabad - A customs court here on Tuesday issued arrest warrant for model Ayyan Ali for not appearing in the court in relation to the ongoing money laundering case against her. Special Judge Customs/Anti Smuggling and Taxation Judge Sheraz Kiani issued bail-able arrest warrants of Ayyan Ali and put off the hearing till June 21.

The judge was perturbed over continuous absence of the model from the court proceedings.

The court also issued notices to two persons who submitted surety bonds for bail of Ayyan Ali.

According to details, Ayyan did not appear in the court on last 12 hearings from December 2015 to December 17, 2016. After December 2016, the judge went on leave for four months and resumed the court in May but Ayyan did not appear.

Ayyan’s lawyer informed the court that mother of her client was ill and she was with her mother.

Ayyan was arrested from Benazir Bhutto International Airport on March 14 2015 when she was trying to smuggle $500,000 to Dubai. She was granted bail in July 2015 and the trial court indicted her in November 2015. The model left Pakistan on February 23 after getting permission from the court.