CPEC is being publicised as a game changer and anyone questioning it is deemed to be unpatriotic. Actually, people are not aware of details, and how and when it will benefit the common man. Apparently, all major projects will be carried out by Chinese companies. Pakistan will be more dependent on a foreign source and the ability of self-reliance for prosperity will be further weakened, weakening the prospects of becoming an Asian Tiger. 

Most of our political leaders find it convenient to undertake projects with foreign loans, equipment and expertise, and claim it to be a great achievement without realising the crippling effect it has on our ability to achieve continuous progress with our own efforts, like China did. For example, railway system improvements can be undertaken by our own experts with only essential imports. This developed capability will minimise foreign help but the opportunity for it is waning. This is how China developed its technical prowess. Why can’t we? 

Will our political rulers be kind enough to stop taking pride in projects based on foreign loan, equipment and expertise, and lead the nation to the path of maximised self-reliance? 


Rawalpindi, May 19.