After the Success of Donald Trump, right-wing populism also found a room in Europe. Marine Le Pen of French National Front party in France and Greet Wilders of Netherlands are prominent far-right populist leaders in Europe. But it was seen that these populist leaders failed to get public mandate in elections. The most recent example is defeat of Marine Le pen in the run-off. To some, this is a demise of populism in Europe but to others, this has trailed a blaze for the furtherance of populism. For instance, if President-elect of France, Emanuel Macron fails to deliver, it will create a cloud of mistrust for liberals and ultimately it will give a welcome fillip to the populism. 

Notwithstanding, the parliamentary elections in France, that are in offing, will decide to a great extent as to what really this apparent defeat meant for populism. 


Rawalpindi, May 14.