Former JI MPA remembered

KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Engr Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has said that Shaheed Aslam Mujahid’s had laid down his life for the people of Karachi.

He was addressing a ‘”Shahadat Conference” held in the memory of prominent trader leader, district chief of JI and a former legislator Aslam Mujahid Shaheed.

Speaking on the occasion, he paid a rich tribute to Aslam Mujahid for his contribution in the struggle of JI for the people of Karachi. He said that the life of Mujahid was a slap in face for those chanting the mantra of rights for their own political as well as monetary interests.

He further said that Aslam Mujahid laid down his life but never bowed down before influential terrorists. He won the hearts of masses through his services rendered to them. He was a dedicated leader who always took stand for people.

Aslam Mujahid was not only a personality but was depiction of a party committed to its cause. He said that Mujahid and his fellows served the people of Landhi, Koranig and adjoining areas. He added that 32 new colleges were established in the city during the tenure of Nematullah Khan alone but those who proclaimed to be defenders of rights of Karachi failed themselves to even follow an iota of what Khan did in Karachi.

He added that the feasibility report of K-4 project was also prepared during the tenure of Khan, besides this he ensure provision of 100 million gallon water on daily basis. He also said that former Mayor Karachi, Abdul Sattar Afghani had put Karachi on the path of progress and development.

He said that unfortunately those showing off their deprivations in the name of lack of powers are trying their best to mislead masses. Referring to Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar, he said that they have a budget Rs23 billion but they were not willing to serve masses.

JI deputy Karachi chief Muhammad Islam, JI Bin Qasim chief Abdul Jameel Khan and others also addressed the conference.


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